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Hey everyone! So this project was something I had to be tightlipped about for a while and it was KILLING ME to not be able to tell anyone about it! Especially since the animation process takes so long and this needed to line up with a special anniversary.

Basically, I wrote a LEGO Ninjago project!

It’s called “Golden Hour” and is a part of 5 short films created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LEGO Ninjago (yes, it’s already been 10 years). It all started when LEGO sought out fan ideas for Ninjago’s anniversary. A super-fan named Uday came up with the concept and I worked with several creatives from Tongal to help further develop the concept. We decided it would fill in crucial story gaps that happened between LEGO Ninjago Seasons 7 and 8. Because of this, the short is considered canon by one of Ninjago’s creators! After working out the story, I wrote the screenplay and the animation was handled fantastically by CC Pixels.

To say I was excited to work on this is a huge understatement. It’s LEGO! It’s Ninjago! There’s so much story and lore to dive into and I absolutely loved it. Getting to write for characters I’ve watched on screen was delightful. One of the coolest moments came when I heard the voice actors read my lines for the first time on this.

So give it a watch and enjoy! If you’ve never seen Ninjago before, you’ll probably be completely lost but it’s still entertaining, right?

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