Stories of Enchantment

PROMOTIONAL Stories of Enchantment ABOUT DIRECTOR / COMPOSER / EDITOR Promo film for the book “Stories of Enchantment: Twelve Fairy Tale Sonnets”, written by Jessa R. Sexton and illustrated by Rehanna Mae Grant Cast/Crew Director / Composer / Editor Ryan Estabrooks Producers Amber Bartlett Ryan Estabrooks Production Assistant Amber Bartlett ACTOR / VOICEOVER Jessa R….


Sony RX-100 IV

PROMOTIONAL Sony RX-100 IV ABOUT WRITER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR / COMPOSER / VOICEOVER ARTIST A series of commercials highlighting the portable quality of the Sony RX-100 IV. CLIENT


Welch’s Graham Slam

PROMOTIONAL Welch’s Graham Slam ABOUT WRITER / DIRECTOR / COMPOSER / EDITOR The new Graham Slam from Welch’s gets the explosive punk rock treatment it deserves! CLIENT Cast/Crew Writer / Director / Composer / Editor Ryan Estabrooks VOICEOVER ARTIST Amber Bartlett STARRING Justin Marion Wesley

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