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Exciting news here, everyone! I will be attending the Nashville Film Festival next month thanks to my screenplay being a FINALIST in their screenplay competition. So this will be my 2nd time visiting this festival on behalf of a screenplay! I had so much fun visiting the festival in 2014; it was my first full blown film festival experience and it has made me want to go back year after year. It’s one thing to watch great new films at a festival, but it’s another to have the opportunity to chat with the filmmakers, actors, editors, etc. behind these movies. I made quite a few friends at the fest in 2014 and hope to make many more this year!

Like I did last time, I hope to keep a running diary of the films I see and post my thoughts on this website. My schedule is a bit freer this year than last time so I plan on consuming many more films! Just as a simple film-goer, this is exciting too – I work so much these days that the movies I see in theaters are few and far between.

So if you plan on stopping by the Nashville Film Festival this year, look for me and be sure to say hello!

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