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As some of ya’ll may know, I’ve been working at a film company named lilDRAGON for the past few years. When the idea came up to do a new reel, I figured we could find a way to do something radically different than the typical film company reel.

The result? Well…just take a look!

At lilDRAGON, we decided to narrow our focus to more commercial types of work: ads, branding, etc. while our sister company Story Scout Studios handles the TV and film side of things. So we figured a new, updated reel was in order. But I realized the typical reel doesn’t explain everything lilDRAGON does – so I set out to reinvent what a reel could be!

If you’ve seen a typical reel for a studio or filmmaker, they’re often pretty similar: a montage of their best shots with upbeat music layered underneath. While we could’ve easily done something like that – which would’ve been fine! – we went the unexpected route and basically created a hybrid reel/commercial that walks through everything we do while still showing off some of our favorite projects we’ve worked on.

We had an incredible amount of fun putting this together and I hope you have just as much fun watching it!

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