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I’m back with a brand new commercial for Nature Made! For this campaign, Nature Made wanted to highlight real people who use vitamins and supplements in their daily lives. The idea is for them to talk specifically about what they take and how it helps them. For this spot, Kelli Coyne took the spotlight to talk about the different types of supplements she uses every day:

We took a very stripped down approach to make it feel almost like personality-led videos you come across on YouTube and Instagram. We’ve found that this has become more popular in recent years because it tends to feel more intimate with the audience; they feel like the person on screen is talking directly to them. That was actually the main reason why Nature Made wanted to feature real people. In the past, they’ve typically done commercials that focus on the general population without pointing out anyone specifically.

More than anything, we wanted to put Kelli front and center and minimize any distractions that might take away from her personality. The funny thing about filmmaking is you can learn about all these advanced, crazy ways of shooting a scene or going bananas with editing tricks but sometimes, the best way to make something impactful is to keep it simple.

One of the most unique things about making this commercial was creating it early during this COVID-19 pandemic. To make sure everyone was safe, the crew set up the scene before Kelli arrived and was in a separate area during filming. I was in a remote location so we set up another camera for me to monitor the entire set as a whole, along with the main camera feed. All of this was brought into a multi-camera mixer and streamed online for the crew so that anyone could see what they needed at any time. All in all, it was a challenge that we were able to handle thanks to a bit of creativity and knowledge of how to best use the tech we have.

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