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"Reconnecting Roots" Season 3 is Now Streaming!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about film/TV projects on here. The reason is…well, I’ve been busy this whole time working on saidfilm/TV projects. The biggest being Season 3 of “Reconnecting Roots”, the PBS TV series I’m a part of. The good news is – the first episode is online and streaming for free on the PBS app! Check out the trailer below:

The first episode about “Space” is now streaming, with more episodes following every Monday. Check out the link below to watch Season 3:


It’s been a craaaazy journey to get this season finished. In fact, it’s been roughly 3 years (!) since Season 2 premiered. So what exactly happened? Well, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to say that early days of the COVID pandemic drastically threw us off schedule. Season 2 premiere at the very beginning of lockdown in April 2020. Funding was in a wait-and-hold pattern to get clarity on what was happening with the world. It wasn’t until Dec. 2020 when we were given the go-ahead to start research for Season 3.

Scheduling for all of the travel segments was difficult. First off, it wasn’t even much of an option until vaccines became available. But even after that, it took a while for many of our guests to be comfortable with a crew, no matter how small, to come in and film them. Some places we wanted to visit weren’t even really open to the public for a while. When you’re making a movie or a TV show, many things are outside of your control. But in a pandemic? This is multiplied by, like, at least 12.

So yeah, it took a lot longer than we wanted, but now it’s finished and hitting the airwaves. I’m excited for you all to check out Season 3, partially because it’s the first season that I helped as Producer and Director. I also really, really love many of these topics and love watching them purely as a fan.

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