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Reconnecting Roots "Working" is Now Streaming!

The “Film” episode of my show, “Reconnecting Roots”, is now streaming! For obvious reasons, this one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done on this show. It’s my favorite subject (of course) and is truly an important one. Why? Because even aside from how fun and entertaining movies are, it’s one of America’s biggest exports to this day. It’s an artform we’ve kinda been able to dominate the field in worldwide.

This episode also has probably my favorite scene we’ve ever done (the private investigator scene) which I also was fortunate enough to direct. But there are several other scenes I could pick from this episode alone. The subject allowed us to go crazy with our ideas and spill our love for movies onto the small screen.

Watch it on PBS and any of the PBS apps – or – click here to stream it online right now.

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