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Reconnecting Roots "Working" is Now Streaming!

The “Bourbon” episode of my show, “Reconnecting Roots”, is now streaming! It didn’t take much convincing to do an episode on one of the best drinks out there. During the research part of this episode, however, I was surprised to find out how intertwined bourbon (and whiskey) is with so many aspects of America. There was a time when a huge amount of farmers were also distillers so they didn’t completely waste what they grew. Alcohol was used almost as a form of money to pay for things. And on top of that, most religious people in the beginning didn’t bat an eye at drinking it and created it themselves.

I’ll admit, doing this episode was also a good excuse to try a bunch of different bourbons and really taste the difference between how they can be made. In fact, bourbon is probably my favorite spirit now. Maybe after watching this you’ll feel the same way?

Watch it on PBS and any of the PBS apps – or – click here to stream it online right now.

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