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Remember when I told you about a short film called Self/Less that some friends of mine did a month or so ago? Well, it is finished and out on the internet for your viewing pleasure! I helped do the original music score for this film, a score that I am pretty happy with. I pushed myself to come up with different sounds, chords, and structures that I have never done before with my music. It’s a moody, slightly-ambiguous type of film; if you dig David Lynch and maybe even a little Alfred Hitchcock, you should enjoy this. It’s about 7 minutes long so there’s no excuse for you NOT to watch it!

So check it out above and tell me what you think! Big shout out to my friends Taylor Perkins and Scott Newman for making this film. Full credits below:

An Emetic Pictures Production

Starring Bryan Powell, Trinity Eells, & Scott Newman

Directed by Taylor Perkins
Produced by Scott Newman
Written by Taylor Perkins & Bryan Powell
Cinematography by Taylor Perkins
Edited by Scott Newman & Taylor Perkins
Sound Engineered by Rocky Gargiulo
Original Music by Bobby Hass & Ryan Estabrooks

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