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The “Write Like Wonder Woman” screenwriting course arrives on JULY 31st! Pre-enroll now & get HALF OFF the price! This deal will only last until the course launches though so you might want to hurry.

“Write Like Wonder Woman” will be launching on July 31st, 2018! Click here to pre-enroll.

Wow, that’s next week! We’ve been working so hard creating this course that we didn’t want to wait any longer than we needed in order to get it to you guys as fast as possible.

The course comes with 15 lessons, an activity workbook, and almost 1.5 hours of content! It’s a big course designed to show you all of the methods behind the writing of Wonder Woman, which is one of the best superhero movies released recently.

If you pre-enroll before July 31st, you’ll get 50% off!

Seriously – if you’re thinking about enrolling, you should do it now before the price goes up. If you want to see 2 FREE preview lessons, click the link and check them out. I can’t wait to see you inside the course!

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