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Hey hey! The previous SYFY promo I did was so fun that I’ve always been hoping to do more with them. And luckily, I got the chance to help create some new promos for their late-night adult animation block called TZGZ.

For this particular set of promos, we wanted to transition the viewers from the “normal” SYFY schedule to the TZGZ to let them know things are about to get a whole lot weirder. And then, we have the reverse of going from TZGZ back to regular SYFY programming.

This set of promos is extra special because although I wrote them, animator Richard Mather is the genius who brought them to life. He’s worked on projects with SNL, Rick & Morty and way too many others to list. So yeah, you could say I was really stoked to work with him on this!

So give both of them a watch above and check out the crazy shit they’re doing at TZGZ if you’re up late!

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