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Hi everyone!

I am so excited to finally be able to reveal the release date for the brand new Write Like Rogue One course.

“Write Like Rogue One” will be launching on March 6th, 2018! Click here to pre-enroll.

Wow, that’s next week! We’ve been working so hard creating this course that we didn’t want to wait any longer than we needed in order to get it to you guys as fast as possible.

The course comes with 16 lessons, an activity workbook, and over an hour of content! It’s a big course designed to show you all of the methods behind the writing of Rogue One: a Star Wars Story.

Want to hear some more cool news?

If you pre-enroll before March 6th, you’ll get 30% off!

Seriously – if you’re thinking about enrolling, you should do it now before the price goes up. And if you want to sample some of the lessons, we have 2 free previews you can watch below:

“Doubting a Character’s Skills” – Click here to watch!

“Exposition Surrounded by Chaos” – Click here to watch!

I can’t wait to see you inside the course!

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