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SYFY/TZGZ “Chest of Doom” Promos
Hey hey! The previous SYFY promo I did was so fun that I've always been hoping to do more with them. And luckily, I got the chance to help create some new promos for their…
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“Reconnecting Roots” Season 2 is Now Streaming for FREE!
All caught up on Season 1 of “Reconnecting Roots”, the show that I'm a writer on? Wish there were more episodes to help you learn about America’s past, present and future? Miss seeing host Gabe’s…
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“Reconnecting Roots” Season 1 is Now Streaming for FREE!
Hey everyone! "Reconnecting Roots" is a show about American progress that I am a writer/editor/animator on. Season 1 has been playing on PBS stations for months - but now might be a good time to…


Ryan Estabrooks is a screenwriter, director, actor, musician and photographer.

Their influences include Jean-Luc Godard, Vera Chytilova, John Cassavetes, Agnes Varda, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee, Dennis Hopper, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder.