After graduating from college, they studied acting with the Street Theatre Company and appeared in several plays throughout Nashville. They also plunged headfirst into photography as an extension of their love for film and the visual arts. All of these creative interests are poured into their films, which tend to be colorful, energetic and a little off-kilter.

Their influences include Jean-Luc Godard, Vera Chytilova, John Cassavetes, Agnes Varda, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee, Dennis Hopper, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Ryan Estabrooks

was born and raised in Midwest City, Oklahoma and as a child, became fascinated with writing. They started out using comic books as inspiration to create their own during preschool using markers, lots of paper, and whatever else they could find. Around age 12, they were given a small camcorder and experimented with it, creating shorts and skits with anyone from the neighborhood who would help out. They didn’t realize at the time that this was the start of their filmmaking career.

They started writing screenplays as a teenager and went to several film chapters at local colleges, trying to get it read by anyone who would give them the time.

At the same time, their obsession with music led to them making their own songs on a cheap computer with a $10 mic from Radioshack. From there, they learned electronic production, piano and guitar – before heading out to Nashville to study audio engineering.

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